Symbiotic Networks of Bio-Waste Sustainable Management, Funded by Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece-North Macedonia 2014-2020”

The main objective of the project is the creation of an integrated, sustainable biowaste management and trading system between the partners of the Region of Western Macedonia (Region of Florina) and the Municipalities of Bitola and Novatsi of the Republic of North Macedonia following the plan of industrial co-existence. The SYMBIOSIS project develops symbiotic networks that bring together companies and stakeholders from all business sectors, aiming to improve industrial resources through the exchange of materials in an environmentally sustainable way.

Symbiosis platform will help and encourage the formation of distribution channels by listing all providers and potential users of bio waste in the CBC area, produce transporting and handling cost estimations, record the waste flows and characterize them by type, location, volume and seasonality, thus suggesting the optimal utilization of bio-waste (e.g. in transforming it to fuel, feedstock or fertilizers), helping towards the increase of cross industry resource efficiency and waste flow management, limiting waste lead to landfills, stimulating trade and use of bio waste, and creating incentives towards a radical change in the consumer behavior.