Our Services

Strategic Planning

JOIN4CS strives to assist local governments to design, plan and implement their strategic plans and programmes. 

Network Creation

Helps local and regional stakeholders to develop networks of solidarity and cooperation.

Pilot Projects 

Undertakes the implementation of pilot projects as part of an Action Plan to bring together people that will compose the “action team” and to find the necessary project resources.

Capacity Building

Plans, organizes and executes training and coaching activities to build-up capacities on specified target groups. Aids individuals to realize the best option to perform their business plans and achieve their goals. 

Citizens Engagement

We carry out online debates, citizen surveys and implement citizen engagement practices to propose solutions to challenges that citizens face in their everyday lives. 

Communication Strategy

Designs and executes communication strategies fit for the purposes intended by an organisation, authority or company, and provides the means and support to achieve communication goals targeted to a specific audience.