“Improving animal nutrition, health and productivity and meat quality through the use of
natural antioxidant-antimicrobial polyphenols in animal nutrition”

The agricultural cooperative Pindos is one of the oldest and most important poultry farming
companies in Greece. One of the challenges of the sector is to maintain high quality,
together with high productivity and in particular, to reduce the use of antibiotics, which are often used preventively or as growth factors, but are responsible for the creation of antibiotic-resistant products and for the development of the country’s livestock industry.

The INNOVAPOULTRY project responds to the dual objective:
(a) enhancing animal health and productivity by natural methods (with natural antioxidants,
antimicrobials or prebiotic ingredients added to the diet), without the preventive use of
antibiotics, and
(b) improving the quality, composition, nutritional value and organoleptic characteristics of
the meat produced.

Animal productivity, production costs using antibiotics or other adjuvants, livestock losses due to
diseases, and the quality characteristics of the meat produced under the present conditions
(weight gain curves with specific feeding programmes, average live carcass weight, average
chemical composition of meat -proteins, fat, glycogen-, concentration of phenolic substances in
meat, etc.) will be recorded.