“Production of natural wine without sulfites, with natural antioxidants,
and production of balsamic vinegar of superior quality from PGI sun-dried wine

The project aims to improve through biotechnology the quality characteristics of local wines
and balsamic vinegar, their position in the international market and to highlight new products,
such as natural wines with stable quality characteristics, thanks to the use of indigenous
crops, and balsamic vinegar from the PGI Siatista sun-dried wine.

The expected results will be:

  • The identification and production of yeasts and/or acidophilic wine bacteria from indigenous
    grape varieties of specific grape varieties and from specific vineyards/wineries for use in
    local wines with the promotion of local microflora, which will result in the production of wines
    with particular qualitative and organoleptic characteristics, representative of the Greek countryside, differentiated from the homogeneity of other wines from Greece or abroad, with simultaneous stabilisation of quality and avoidance of deterioration, thanks to the predominance of beneficial cultures, derived from the natural microbiome of the specific vineyard and winery.
  • Pilot production of sulphite-free red wine, creating a ‘clean label’ for commercial wines and
    truly natural wines without preservatives. Diversification of the Greek wine market by
    launching a preservative-free organic wine with the addition of plant substances rich in
    polyphenols or tannins (e.g. from powder or extract of stems).
  • Pilot production of a wine with a unique character in traditional brick and/or concrete tanks
    under micro-oxygenation conditions.
  • Laboratory and pilot production of balsamic vinegar from the sun-dried grape (must) and
    the Siatista PGI sun-dried wine, with unique taste and organoleptic characteristics that fully
    differentiate it from other balsamic vinegars on the market and could lead to the registration
    of a new PDO/PGI balsamic vinegar product.
  • Strengthening the position of wine growers and wine producers in the Greek and, above all,
    the international market, through the production of innovative and natural products of high
    quality and unique character, which add significant added value to the wine and viticulture