The ACCEL, V-Exelerate, Development of new, innovative products initiative is implemented in the framework of the cross-border ACCEL – Corporate Innovations for existing ventures project and is implemented by the University of Western Macedonia, Department of Regional and Cross-border Development, the Tourism Company of Western Macedonia, the Centre for development and democratization of organizations (AL), the Chamber of Commerce of Argyrokastro (AL) and Albanian Network. The ACCEL project is funded by the Cross-border Cooperation Programme INTERREGIPAII, Greece – Albania 2014-2020.

Project Beneficiaries will increase their know-how and experience in designing and operating the corporate modernised business support services i.e. the virtualAccelerator ‘V-Xel’. V-Xel is not focusing on startups only but on existing businesses as well. Existing businesses offer a greater potential to sustain business activities and are also in great need for innovation towards gaining competitive advantages. They are also more likely to create employment opportunities since they are already in operation. Some beneficiaries have already decided to continue V-Xel operation expanding their scope, beyond project duration i.e. the ISU (PB2) shall include it in their curriculum on executive training for business and graduates. V-Xel, is designed so as to enhance the democratization of entrepreneurship support by providing access to businesses which operate outside the urban centers of Florina, Amynteon, Bitola and Kichevo. Talented graduates will have the chance to get trained, get ready for a career and get employed. The Small Business and Startup Coaching Academy creates a network of coaches that will be able to continue supporting businesses beyond project duration.

The project proposes to design and implement a cross border corporate acceleration program and a corporate incubation program for business in the cross-border region of Greece and North Macedonia in order to provide existing ventures.